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TYLER JACOB is a name known to a crowd of serious Fashion & Music lovers who have given him high praises for his vocals and fashion choices. He has also lended his creative touch to some amazing legends in the games. 

Tyler Jacob's work in both music and fashion have been published and recognized by Major Brands / Networks.

Tyler has served as a spokesperson and model for several brands,  “I have a crush on music & fashion, both worlds collide in my paradigm,” major publications as well many music and fashion blogs have shown their love and support throughout his career sharing some of Tyler's creative work.

Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, specifically the neighborhood of Camden, Tyler grew up attending “Creative Arts High - Camden, New Jersey 


Deeply involved as a youngster in dance and musical theater, Tyler eventually got into singing and writing R&B music. He established himself after uploading a YouTube cover that reached 450k views creating his first of many viral moments.

At the top of 2020s, Tyler announced his very own headlining show in NYC. Tyler's amazing vocals, looks, and stage presence opened the door for encore shows in  Los Angeles.

Garnering a presence by sharing his journey and being of service over the years has allowed him to build a network of followers that are well connected as well  highly interested in what he shares. As an overall influencer in music and fashion, his supporters have been following his journey and have been heavily active and engaged.

Active since the early 2010s as a lead artist and writer.


Tyler is currently cultivating an independent solo discography of contemporary gospel | inspirational expressions. 

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